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For any age, driving a car is linked to independence and the ability to take care of yourself. At VIP Driving School, our driving rehabilitation program helps people get back to driving a car, safely and with confidence.


Driving Rehabilitation

Driving rehabilitation is a specialized program led by occupational therapists with the help of qualified driving instructors and is designed to identify and rehabilitate patients with driving deficits. The goal is to help individuals improve their community independence by assuring a safe return to driving. Driver rehabilitation programmes involve teaching drivers with autism, cognitive thinking difficulties (e.g., due to a stroke or brain injury), physical impairments (e.g., due to loss or paralysis of a limb), vision impairments (e.g., due to loss of vision in one eye), anxiety, and mental health conditions.


The driving program can benefit those with:

Attention deficit disorder
Neuromuscular conditions
Normal effects of aging
Orthopedic conditions
Spinal cord injury,Strok
Traumatic brain injury


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